Refocus DHS

From HStoday: DHS Needs Urgent Refocus on Modern Threats, Partnerships and Morale, Say Former Officials

“The Department of Homeland Security needs to refocus its mission to tackle major nonmilitary threats including pandemics and cyber attacks, modernize the homeland security enterprise, and pull up its workplace morale, former DHS officials said in a new report from the Atlantic Council’s Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security.”

1 thought on “Refocus DHS

  1. I’m sorry but – DHS in pandemics? That’s DHHS’s job. Diversion of DHS (e.g., FEMA) resources away from its core mission – one that only it can take on – is a terrible idea; mission creep of the worst kind. The previous post is an excellent example of the kind of problem this would create.

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