Two New Reports, from ICMA and IBM

From GovExec: Disasters are Inevitable; Governments Inadequate Response is Not.
New research analyzing the responses of hundreds of local leaders identified common obstacles and proven ways to overcome them. So, how do communities—especially small towns—manage the looming specter of a natural disaster? Can they do something in advance? An excerpt :
A new study by a team of researchers—Katherine Willoughby, Komla Dzigbede, and Sarah Beth Gehl—analyzed the responses of hundreds of local government leaders to surveys conducted by the International City/County Managers Association (ICMA). They also interviewed nearly two dozen local leaders that experienced disasters about their experiences with managing their community’s recovery. Based on this information, they identified obstacles and promising practices for local leaders.

From the same authors and organizations: How Localities Continually Adapt Enterprise Strategies to Manage Natural Disasters

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