Climate Change and Health

From the HSDL: Climate Change & Health: Assessing State Preparedness

A new report titled Climate Change & Health: Assessing State Preparedness has just been released by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health along with Trust for America’s Health. In the report, all 50 states and Washington D.C. were studied to evaluate how vulnerable they are to climate change.

In order to make their assessments, the researches developed three “domains of inquiry” that would be measured:Climate change’s disastrous effect on the planet
Vulnerability: the degree to which physical, biological, and socioeconomic systems are susceptible to and unable to cope with the adverse impacts of climate change.

Public health preparedness: actions taken to build, apply, and sustain the capabilities necessary to prevent, protect against, and ameliorate negative effects from public health emergencies. Climate-related adaptation: adjustment in natural or human systems to a new or changing environment that exploits beneficial opportunities or moderates negative effects.

According to the study, Utah, Maryland, and Colorado rank among the states that are the least vulnerable and the most prepared; whereas Texas, Mississippi, and West Virginia are among the states that are most vulnerable and least prepared.

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