1 thought on “FEMA’s Review of Its Programs

  1. As a 40 year participant in declared disaster response and recovery and contributor to the signed 1988 original Stafford Act every FEMA initiative to improve has failed. FEMA defends itself by saying Congress is making them do “it.” Making response and recovery more difficult and more expensive is counterproductive. FEMA has a $600 million contract with a vendor dedicated to delaying response and recovery. The Orwellian Portal is a tool of delay and intimidation; values process over performance at great expense. Weaponizing environmental clearance and federal procurement drives costs higher and delays recovery. Insiders since 1993 have made it significantly worse. No confidence that the current crop will change direction. If FEMA’s proposed disaster declaration criteria is implemented, potentially in 2 days (4/13/21) the shock to response and recovery will be massive.

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