FEMA and Rebuilding – two views

The Positive Position: From Bloomberg: What Does It Take to Build Back Better? Ask FEMA. The U.S. federal disaster response agency has inadvertently become a major funder of local infrastructure projects.

The Negative Position: From Bookings, a related but more critical assessment: Are Federal Disaster Policies Making the Harmful Effects of Climate Change Even Worse?

Thanks to Chris Jones for the citations.

2 thoughts on “FEMA and Rebuilding – two views

  1. Untrue assumptions. 1) FEMA’s Portal & CRC’s presume nonexistent expertise to delay & low ball repair costs. 2) FEMA participates in less than 2% of major emergencies and disasters as documented repeatedly in annual EMPG performance report. Big and expensive events yes but nowhere near most.

    FEMA keeps making disaster response and recovery more difficult and more expensive.


    Unfunded and underfunded federal and state mandates limit resources for mitigation much less resilience.

    The federal government is no more able to keep hurricanes, atmospheric rivers, earthquakes. major floods, Tornadoes and wildfires from hitting. If the feds can’t what are the locals to do.

    State and local governments manage more than 98% of major emergencies and disasters without FEMA assistance. Fund restrictions, financial covenants and illiquid assets restrict budgetary discretion.

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