Lack of a Deed for the House

From the WashPost: The real damage: Why FEMA is denying disaster aid to Black families that have lived for generations in the Deep South. An excerpt:

More than a third of Black-owned land in the South is passed down informally, rather than through deeds and wills, according to land use experts. It’s a custom that dates to the Jim Crow era, when Black people were excluded from the Southern legal system. When land is handed down like this, it becomes heirs’ property, a form of ownership in which families hold property collectively, without clear title.

People believed this protected their land, but the Department of Agriculture has found that heirs’ property is “the leading cause of Black involuntary land loss.” Without formal deeds, families are cut off from federal loans and grants, including from FEMA, which requires that disaster survivors prove they own their property before they can get help rebuilding.

2 thoughts on “Lack of a Deed for the House

  1. Hey Claire, I had seen this in the Post. Seems like something that could be remedied without a huge amount of difficuty.

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