Using Lessons Learned from Covid-10

From HSNW: Resilience: How Have Communities Been Faring During COVID-19? And How Will Lessons Learned Inform Future Response and Planning?
Now may be a good time to examine the choices communities made during the last year to see how these approaches shape continued COVID-19 response and recovery and help build resilience for future pandemic response.

1 thought on “Using Lessons Learned from Covid-10

  1. This was both useful and disappointing – quite a feat! Probably typical for a news item. Hopefully, a full RAND report will report the rest of the story – for example, vaccinations, hospitalizations and deaths as a function of interventions. Having native Americans vaccinated at the same rate as the rest of the community is an important accomplishment, but not sure that 57% is all that great.

    I also have to question the use of CDC SVI – I can find no correlation (using county data) between the overall index or any of its component indices with either cases or deaths.

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