6 thoughts on “New Role for FEMA

  1. Bob Fenton is perhaps the best choice for this latest assignment; he is highly experienced, competent, and well-respected across the emergency management community.

  2. Actually, it seems from the article that FEMA as an agency will not be doing everything, but that FEMA’s Bob Fenton will be in charge of coordinating the multi-agency effort. That should not draw too significantly from FEMA’s staffing, and knowing Bob, I think they made a great pick for the job. As for Biden’s comparative competence or incompetence, having worked at FEMA during Hurricanes Andrew (Bush Sr.) and Katrina (Bush Jr.), and having watched Trump deal with the Puerto Rico disaster victims by tossing them rolls of paper towels, I think there has certainly been plenty of incompetence in the White House before now. I suggest we wait and see how Fenton does before passing judgment.

  3. Just what FEMA needs – a major distraction in the middle of a very active hurricane season. JB may be the most incompetent US President in my lifetime, if not the entire history of our country. Let us hope that we don’t have a couple more Ida’s!

    • I totally disagree with your comment on Joe Biden. He IS NOT a loud-mouth, self-aggrandizing bully like the completely incompetent DJT. It’s the quiet ones who get things done.

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