FEMA Reply to NAC Annual Report

The “National Advisory Council’s Report to the FEMA Administrator,” was released in November 2020. This report marked the first time the NAC members were charged with specific areas of concern to address in the field of emergency management, rather than open-ended topics.  The report, and FEMA’s response, focuses on four main themes—equity, outcomes, coordination, and what works.

“We value our NAC partners’ commitment to advancing FEMA’s mission by identifying opportunities in which we can improve and streamline the delivery of our programs,” said Administrator Criswell. “We are proud of what the agency has achieved thus far, and we will remain steadfast in our pursuit of infusing equity throughout our programs, bolstering coordination with our stakeholders, and focusing our efforts on delivering positive outcomes for communities nationwide.”

At the beginning of her tenure in April 2021, Administrator Deanne Criswell charged the agency’s leadership with reviewing and responding to the report through the lens of the Biden Administration’s priorities on equity, climate change and readiness.  

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