More Tornado Info from ASCE

From the American Society of Civil Engineers, Wind Hazard Damage Assessment Group:

The StEER report on timpacts from 10 December 2021 tornado outbreak and accompanying media repository can be accessed below.

  1. Washington Post Guest Essay:  Prevatt (2021) “We can build houses to survive tornadoes like Kentucky suffered.  We just haven’t.” Washington Post December 27, 2021:

As wind engineers you may be also interested to review some of the comments from over 280 letter writers in response to this piece – indicating the public (or many among the public) are painfully aware of what can be done to mitigate tornado losses

  1. NPR All Things Considered Interview: Civil engineers says buildings will need to prepare for stronger storms,” Audie Cornish:
  2. ASCE has generously compiled many of the important publications that has given many in the natural hazards research hope that perennial problems of catastrophic destruction of houses and other buildings by tornadoes can be eliminated: These publications are freely available for access and download through 28 February 2022.

In the wake of the December 2021 Midwest tornado outbreak and the resulting near 100 fatalities and extensive property loss I wish that you and your families reflect upon those lives disrupted and the long road many now are facing to rebuild the affected communities.  Nevertheless, I am hopeful that change is upon us, and buoyed by the contributions of almost 50 researchers, students, structural engineers in and out of government and others who came together to extract some good from this event, in the hope that one day it can be avoided.

[Thanks to Chris Jones for this info.]

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