Texas Governor’s Deadly Decisions Lead to Request for Federal Assistance

From Mysanantonio.com: Texas receives FEMA aid while Abbott fights government on COVID-19 mandates.

Closing paragraph of the article: “This week, Texas has put on a surprised Pikachu face while calling for help from the federal government over skyrocketing numbers, the residual effect of which San Antonio schools have already begun to feel. Texas is now left shrugging at a growing mess that certainly wasn’t helped by Abbott’s attempts to block every effort to slow the pandemic. We’re lucky FEMA agreed to send help our way/

2 thoughts on “Texas Governor’s Deadly Decisions Lead to Request for Federal Assistance

  1. If people refuse to buy insurance and their property is damaged, then they are the ones responsible to pay for the repairs, not me. So why should I as a Federal taxpayer help pay for Texas’ response to a pandemic situation that was made worse by the refusal of the Texas state government to help fight the pandemic?

    • I agree. It is a shame that FEMA has to use its employees and resources to support a state with a governor who makes terrible decisions.
      Plus, it is a wealthy state that will not use its own resources first.

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