New GAO Report on Earthquakes

Earthquakes: Opportunities Exist to Further Assess Risk, Build Resilience, and Communicate Research.

The National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program helps U.S. communities strengthen their earthquake resilience. For example, the program educates the public on earthquake risks and helps communities update building codes and improve design and construction practices.

The program has started assessing progress, for example, by tracking building code adoption in 22,000 jurisdictions. But we found that a national assessment hasn’t been done. Such an assessment could help the program more strategically address inconsistencies in how states, localities, territories, and tribes mitigate earthquake risks.

[The Diva apologizes for the faulty link, but posted it in crude form to facilitate sharing it.]

2 thoughts on “New GAO Report on Earthquakes

  1. Hi, To your knowledge, is the GAO, or some other gov’t. agency/contractor evaluating the cost/benefit of virtual work? My own experience with FEMA in the field, at least 1/3 of our workforce was working very effectively with the 2/3 who were physically deployed. Huge cost savings. Thank you.

    Wendy Foxmyn

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