Resources for Hurricane Fiona

From the Disaster Philanthropy organization, see this note:

Dear Claire, I am sure you share my concern for the communities devastated by Hurricane Fiona. Although uncertainty over the storm’s full impact will last for days, if not weeks, officials anticipate the damage will be extensive. As you have grown to expect, the CDP team is tracking the devastation and loss across Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and other areas of the Caribbean, while providing resources to foster effective medium and long-term recovery. As you explore how to respond, I want to make sure you have these resources at your fingertips: CDP has launched this disaster profile, updated with new information as available. I authored this blog post about our experience with hurricanes and how best to respond. We will also host a webinar specific to Hurricane Fiona. Speakers will share the latest information, including critical needs and gaps, and provide concrete takeaways for funders to effectively support relief and recovery efforts now underway. I hope you can attend.

I also encourage you to share the invitation with anyone who may be interested: 
Hurricane Fiona: Responding to disasters in island settings
Sep 22, 2022, 2:00 PM EST
Register Now
Additionally, CDP will support families and communities throughout the storm’s path as they work to rebuild and recover through our Atlantic Hurricane Season Recovery Fund. Please let me know if we can provide any further information or help in any way. My best, Regine
Regine A. Webster | she/her | Based in Nashville
Vice President c: 206.972.0187 |
Connect with us: @funds4disaster |

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