Update on Turkish Earthquakes

As of Monday Feb. 13, the news reports say that deaths in Turkey and Syria have reached 38,000 and are still raising. And various estimates for homeless people run as high at 5 million!

For emergency management personnel these numbers are incredible and beyond most planners expectations. It is worth taking some time to think about what it will take to cope with these outcomes.

1 thought on “Update on Turkish Earthquakes

  1. You are absolutely right. This reality in Turkiye requires us all to think about how we develop an inclusive way of understanding and engaging in “whole of society” actions, education and planning to assist when disasters strike. Such events as this remind us that it is impossible for Emergency services alone to act. There are responsibilities across the breadth of any society which sadly are left unmet through outdated separations of public and private domains, inadequate and unregulated building standards and the need to truly understand the role of government to do more than help those who can help themselves but to actually protect citizens through ethical leadership. Internal domestic turmoil becomes an antecedent that makes populations more vulnerable to any disaster event.

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