Redesigning the World Post Covid-19

From Politico: How to Redesign the World for Coronavirus and Beyond.

In the months since the coronavirus engulfed the world, it’s become clear that society won’t go back to normal any time soon, if ever.

Yes, states are reopening their economies, but some are seeing serious spikes and shutting back down. And even the “reopened” world looks very different. Restaurants are half-filled; many movie theaters and stadiums remain empty; vacations have turned local. Huge question marks hang over the summer’s presidential conventions and the school year this coming fall. Without a vaccine, and with the virus still spreading around the world, we can’t expect society to resume its former shape anytime soon.

Thoughts for Independence Day

Why Coronavirus Is an ‘Existential Crisis’ for American Democracy. Danielle Allen has a 2,500-year view of democracies, wrote Harvard’s pandemic resilience road map and thinks American government is like a Ferrari we haven’t learned to drive. But she’s not totally pessimistic: We can take hope, she says, from New Orleans.

This is a good time to reflect on governance issues raised by the response to Covid-19