More on the Australian Fires

From the BBC news: Australia fires: A visual guide to the bushfire crisis. Thanks to Ian McLean for the citation.

Update on Jan.6 from CNN: Smoke in Australia’s capital is so bad that the agency responsible for emergency management shut down

Update on Jan.7:  Number Of Animals Feared Dead In Australia’s Wildfires Soars To Over 1 Billion. Ecologists at the University of Sydney and WWF Australia estimate that a billion is a conservative figure.


Evacuating from Fires

From the WashPost: As fires rage, California refines an important skill: Evacuating. An excerpt:

Cities are using emergency powers to send mobile alerts to all residents. Authorities are giving far more time to families and businesses to leave danger zones, which have expanded in size. And residents are quicker to trust the calls to evacuate. The new evacuation strategies are a sign of how California, strung between the dueling risks of fires and rolling power outages, is adapting to a new reality many officials attribute to climate change.


Aftermath of CA Fires – cleanup problems

Why the Cleanup From California’s Camp Fire Could Hit a Major Roadblock. A potential problem has emerged: Nearly half of the property owners in the hill country around Paradise have not given the government permission to enter their properties to do the work.

Preliminary cleanup has already begun for what may be a $2 billion-plus effort, said to be the largest and costliest in state history. The main work, involving a complete scraping and clearing of burned-out properties, is scheduled to begin later this week.