Observations re Bahamas

To date, the Diva has not been able to find any articles about how recovery and rebuilding will be done in the very vulnerable Bahama Islands recently devastated. Here are some articles re inequity and climate justice.

From Inside Climate News: A Shantytown’s Warning About Climate Change and Poverty from Hurricane-Ravaged Bahamas. Dorian’s devastation highlights a risk that health and justice experts have long warned of: Climate change will hit the most vulnerable populations hardest.

From the WashPost. Hurricane Laid Bare Bahamas Inequity.

What Are the Long-Term Recovery Plans for the Bahamas?

So far the Diva has not seen any analysis of whether the two badly damaged Bahama Islands will have to be emptied of residents and debris and/ or what might be done to raise the standards for rebuilding and repairs.

There is a worrisome precedent. See this article about the problems Barbuda is having with recovery: Bardudans are Resisting Disaster Capitalism Two Years After Hurricane Irma?

Sept. 9: One useful article on the topic of long term recovery comes from RAND. See: Hurricane Recovery in the Bahamas: Turning Good Intentions into Good Decisions