Hurricane Isaac Stirred up BP Oil Deposits

Hurricane Isaac (2000)

See Storm Isaac tars Louisiana beaches with oil from BP spill, from Reuters, Sept. 12.

* Hurricane Isaac unearthed oil buried by previous storms

* BP claims “robust recovery” of Gulf ecosystems

* US govt, Louisiana point to lingering ecological damage

Two years after the worst offshore oil spill in U.S. history, mats of oily tar from BP Plc.’s ill-fated Macondo well have turned up on Louisiana’s shore after Hurricane Isaac stirred up submerged oil deposits, BP officials said on Tuesday.

BP said the oil that washed ashore after Hurricane Isaac made landfall in Louisiana on Aug. 28 was not unexpected, after Tropical Storm Bonnie in July 2010 buried oil under tons of sand. Isaac’s winds and tidal surge peeled back layers of sand and exposed tar balls and tar mats that were buried under up to five feet of sand, BP said.

One more take on the same topic appeared in the Huff Post today.

For the folks in LA and adjacent states, the 3 big disasters of the past 7 years must seem to be interconnected.

Aftermath of H. Isaac

MS River at the fly may 15

The stories are just coming in about the impacts and unusual effects of H. Isaac in the Gulf States. Here is one example: Hurricane Isaac Storm Surge Reversed Flow of Mississippi River. CSM, Sept.1

As hurricane Isaac reached southeastern Louisiana as a Category 1 storm earlier this week, it did something unusual to the Mississippi River: It threw the river into reverse.

For nearly 24 hours, according to the US Geological Survey, Isaac’s storm surge drove upriver at a pace nearly 50 percent faster than the downstream flow. This backflow produced a crest some 10 feet above the river’s prestorm height at Belle Chasse, La., in flood-beleaguered Plaquemines Parish southeast of New Orleans. The surge added eight feet to the river’s height at Baton Rouge, father north.

Other news: as of Sept. 4 a count of 13,000 home damaged from the hurricane in LA. The numbers probably will go up.


New Infrastructure Did Well in LA

It is still early to write about the effects of  H. Isaac, but here is one positive story from HLSecurityWire:  As Hurricane Isaac beats on New Orleans, new infrastructure is holding up; August 31,  2012. It is nice to know that a $14B federal  investment was worthwhile.

This week, as Hurricane Isaac was threatening to replicate the physical damage that Katrina inflicted, it has become apparent that $14 billion worth of changes and improvements in infrastructure, planning, and emergency response procedures have given the city of New Orleans and the Gulf states the ability to withstand the worst of the storm.

English: Hurricane Isaac

See also this article on Sept. 2 in the CSM.

One more on Sept. 3.

Positive Outcome of H. Isaac = drought relief

Two articles on the likely positive effects:

  1. From Accuweather; August 29, and
  2. From the Christian Science Monitor: Could tropical storm Isaac actually help break US drought?

Tropical storm Isaac is bearing down on the Gulf Coast, but once it gets inland, it is expected to bring much needed rain to drought-hit farmlands.

Although tropical storm Isaac is causing evacuations and is expected to lead to power outages when it comes ashore, there may be a silver lining for drought-pressed farmers farther inland.