“Reopening America” – new report from Brookings

Brookings plans two volumes, the first of which is available now. it is 105 pages.
Vol.1: Reopening America.

The first volume focuses on the American experience while the second one examines the experiences of other nations and lessons for the United States. Brookings President John Allen’s essay presents an overview of the pandemic and the serious questions it has raised for the world. Our goals in this project are to inform the public conversation about COVID, help business, government, and civic leaders take their next steps, and think about the immediate and longer-term consequences of the virus. We must learn as much as possible about this pandemic in order to address its overall ramifications.

Report on Challenges and Opportunities of Reopening Efforts from Brookings

From HSDL: Challenges and Opportunities of Reopening Efforts

In addressing the COVID-19 pandemic, the Brookings Institution published a new report, Reopening America and the World, providing an assessment of current efforts in restarting the economy and social institutions. As COVID-19 continues to shutter local businesses and communities, Brookings aims to contribute to the reopening debate by engaging in the most pressing topics of public health, economic revival, and social equality.

Significantly, the report emphasizes numerous points of concern, as well as some examples of success that became apparent in the midst of the global response to COVID-19. In particular, the implementation of heightened hygiene considerations and social distancing measures appear to be at the core of successful reduction of viral transmission. Furthermore, the availability of personal protective equipment (PPE), as well as enhanced healthcare capacity for testing and treatment remain essential in all reopening efforts during the pandemic.

Trump’s Reopening Collides with Reality

From Politico: How Trump’s reopening plans could collide with reality. Consumer and business behavior is mostly out of the president’s ability to control. Some excerpts:

Trump can fire off tweets, attempt to bully states into lifting social restrictions and otherwise declare America open for business. But he can’t force companies to reopen or ramp up production until owners and executives believe their workers are ready.

He also can’t make consumers flock back to malls, bars, restaurants, sports arenas or other public areas until they feel comfortable they‘ll be safe from the coronavirus.

Reports on Reopening the Country- revised

The Diva located the AEI report early in the day, but by noontime she found mention of four plans. See below:

From the American Enterprise Institute: National coronavirus response: A road map to reopening. Lead author is Dr. Scott Gottlieb. Report is 20 pp.

From Vox: The 4 plans to end social distancing, explained. The plans all say the US needs more testing. But they differ on how much more.