Two Articles re City Water Supply Shortages

From HuffPost: We Have Seen The Future Of Water, And It Is Cape Town

Article in HSNewswire: Can Israel Help Solve CapeTown’s Water Crisis?

Within three months, South Africa’s capital city and biggest tourist destination may become the first major city in the world to run out of water. The four million residents of Cape Town will have their water supplies cut off unless the city manages to reduce daily consumption by 20 percent. The “Day Zero” shutdown is expected for mid-May 2018 and is recalculated every week based on current reservoir capacity and daily consumption. The crisis is mostly attributed to three years of unprecedented drought that has dried up the city’s six-dam reservoir system.


State Water Resources Planning

From the Natural Resources Defense Council, a useful national map and state by state details about water. See Ready or Not: How Water-Ready is Your State?  April 8, 2012. From the report:

As climate change affects communities across the U.S., some states are leading the way in preparing for the impacts on water resources. These states are reducing carbon pollution and planning for climate change impacts. Yet many states are not acting and remain woefully unprepared.

Click on a state to find out what risks communities there may face and what the state is doing to prepare.

In a related newsclip, see this HuffPost article about the state of CA, which it says has done the most planning and should be in the best shape. April 8, 2012.

One more report re Sustainable Water and Environmental Management in CA was recently issued by the National Academy of Sciences.