What Keeps Me Up at Night? – issues and problems that persist in emergency management

Update:  This posting is out of date. For newer info go to this November posting.


Dated info:

In July, I will be the moderator of a conference session titled “What Keeps Me Up at Night.”  The panelists are senior researchers and practitioners, all of whom have at least 25 years of experience in emergency management.  The intent is not a high-class gripe session, but a thoughtful attempt to identify those aspects of emergency management that remain a concern because they have not been adequately addressed.

I welcome comments from readers of this blog; please comment here or write me offline. I intend to collect input from experienced people and write up the results in a yet-to-be -determined format.  I will share the results here at a later date.

The comments so far are excellent and provide quite an array of issues. Keep the comments coming.