Hurricane Irene — updates

When Will We Ever Learn the Lessons of Hurricanes, by Orin Pilkey, CNN, August 25. Here is a short snippet from the article:

When the storm has passed there will be a wave of sympathy for the many families and businesses that will be affected. In the beach communities, patriotism will prevail, American flags will be unfurled on makeshift flag poles and the dominant attitude will be: “we’re tough and were coming back.” I’ve witnessed this a dozen times. A better attitude is “we’ve learned a lesson, let’s build elsewhere.”


The National Hurricane Service, the National Weather Service and others are all issuing dire warnings for the eastern seaboard this week.  Here is a chilling article about the vulnerability of the NJ and NY shorelines.

Updates re likely path of Hurricane Irene, on the FEMA website.

In case you have any doubt about how serious this storm may be for the Atlantic region, CNN is now talking about it being a 100 year flooding event.

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