Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale

The Saffir-Simpson Scale is the one that scientists use to rank hurricanes. Presently, the scale has 5 categories, but recently there is talk of adding a 6th. See this article about that new category in the WashPost.

The Diva had the pleasure of meeting Bob Simpson at the Natural Hazards Center in Boulder, CO many years ago. A nice gentleman, who was the first head of the National Hurricane Center.

New GAO Report on 2017 Hurricanes and Wildfires

Another must read:

2017 HURRICANES AND WILDFIRES; Initial Observations on the Federal Response and Key Recovery Challenges.   

Note that this site contains the full report (142 pp.), a short highlights, report and a link to a GAO podcast.

Update on Sept. 5: So far, the Wall St. Journal and CNN printed articles about the report. The WSJ requires a subscription to read but here is the CNN article: Overwhelmed FEMA called on ‘bottom of the barrel’ staff for 2017 disasters, GAO says

Here is the Wash Post article on the report: Hurricanes and wildfires overwhelmed FEMA in 2017, according to new GAO report.

From Bloomberg News: Watchdog Slams FEMA for Puerto Rico Hurricane Response
Agency faulted for lack of preparedness and adequate staff. Report says identify-theft scheme flourished in wake of storms.