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House Hearing on 2017 Hurricanes

From the House Homeland Security Committee: Preparedness, Response, and Rebuilding: Lessons from the 2017 Disasters

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Should the Hurricane Scale Be Revised?

In the U.S. we rely on the Saffir-Simpson Scale to measure hurricanes; that scale gives a 5 rating to the strongest storms. Now there is consideration of a possible addition to the scale. See: Stronger storms mean new ‘category six’ … Continue reading

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Recap of 2017 Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is finally ending. Interesting facts and figures for the 2017 season of hurricanes.

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H. Harvey Second Most Costly U.S. Disaster

From the WSJ: Two Months After Harvey, Houston Continues to Count the Cost Tens of thousands are still living in hotel rooms from the August hurricane, which is estimated to have cost $73.5 billion in economic loss. Note that the … Continue reading

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Why Is This Hurricane Season So Bad?

From the weather team at the WashPost.: Harvey. Irma. Maria. Why is this hurricane season so bad?

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Call for Better Hurricane Prediction

From the WashPost: Hurricanes are menacing our economy. We have to invest in better prediction. To protect our communities and our nation’s economy, we must make smart investments that will advance our forecasts. This would provide actionable intelligence for officials … Continue reading

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Hurricanes, Old and New

From a former NY Times reporter: After a Dozen Hurricanes and 40 Years, Familiar Dangers With Higher Stakes

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