FEMA’s New Think Tank — not the way to go [Corrected]

FEMA has just released details of a new endeavor: Launching the FEMA Think Tank — a Forum to Facilitate Discussion in the Field of Emergency Management.  The good news is that FEMA thinks it needs a Think Tank, and the Deputy Director has set one up online.  It relies in part on Twitter, which in my view is useless for most serious conversations though it might be useful for emergency alerts. In my view,   this type of online exchange is not a Think Tank; I  would have called it a forum or an information exchange. In depth thinking needs to be orchestrated differently .

Why am I so negative on this topic? In recent weeks I have been editing some very thoughtful work by noted academics in the field of EM in the U.S., and the number of complicated and intractable problems that FEMA faces is considerable.  The new Think Tank is not likely to get to the fundamental issues, conflicts, and problems.  I am waiting for FEMA to make a try to solve or minimize some of them. I will be glad to provide a list of fundamental issues we have identified.

4 thoughts on “FEMA’s New Think Tank — not the way to go [Corrected]

  1. Fair enough.I checked it out more carefully; the forum part is not very clear on the website.
    And I did issue a correction on 11/17.

    I still am critical of the concept, but less snarky!

  2. You are a poor researcher. Twitter is NOT the main component but rather a way to spread the word of the Think Tank. The two components are:

    “The first will be an online forum where anyone who wants to discuss a variety of emergency management issues can. Simply submit your own ideas, comment on others, or participate in conversations meant to generate creative solutions.

    The second will be monthly conference calls. Each month, we will discuss three to four ideas generated from the online forum that address improving emergency management at the federal level.”

    Get your facts straight and don’t try to sensationalize the topic.

  3. FEMA TWEET? An interesting acronym, and its translation can be wondrously unpleasant. With the amount of content in either a tweet or a grunt near zero, the pitch of either making the solitary difference, and with the linguistic prowess rather than the depth of grunts being the hallmark of intelligence, one shudders to think that we have finally reached the very peak of FEMA’s intellectual depth…

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