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More on the DHS OIG Reports

Last weekend, the Diva did a posting titled What the Heck is This About, which dealt with the decision of the Office of Inspector General (OIG) at Dept. of Homeland Security (DHS) to remove some reports about early disaster response … Continue reading

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FEMA’s New Strategic Plan

From HSToday, this announcement: FEMA Strategic Plan Centers on Community Resiliency, Catastrophe Prep, Less Red Tape.   From the forward: The most important lesson from the challenging disasters of 2017 is that success is best delivered through a system that … Continue reading

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What The Heck Is This About?

Two accounts of a strange recent action taken: (1) From USA Today on March 10: Government watchdog purges mostly positive reports on FEMA from website. In a rare move, the government watchdog for the Federal Emergency Management Administration has removed … Continue reading

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IG Review of FEMA IT Issues

According to NextGov, the DHS Inspector General will be looking into information tech management problems at FEMA. See: The Federal Emergency Management Agency isn’t fixing its outstanding IT management issues and the acting inspector general says he plans to find … Continue reading

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FEMA Is Still Providing Food and Water in PR

A FEMA Error Drove Fears That Food and Water Aid to Puerto Rico Was Ending. It’s Not. Apparently a slipup in communication, but a black eye for FEMA in the short term. Another article about the problems PR has regarding paying … Continue reading

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Major Actions Needed at National Level

Opinion piece in The Hill: After record disasters, Congress must act to protect Americans

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Latest Public Assistance Program and Policy Guide from FEMA

Dated January 2018, FEMA just released this new guide, title Local Public Assistance Program and Policy Guide.  It is 217 pages long and includes details for implementation of the recent decision by FEMA to fund some actions taken by houses … Continue reading

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