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The Feds Are Floundering re Disaster Recovery

Several articles have appeared lately citing comments from FEMA Administrator Block Long. Clearly reality has set in, and it is messy! Long is contemplating what his agency can and cannot do. See: Top Emergency Management Official: Hit the ‘Reset Button’ … Continue reading

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FEMA’s Disaster Funding Had Been Flagged by IG at DHS

The Inspector General of DHS had warned about FEMA’s Disaster Funding. The Department of Homeland Security’s Inspector General concluded one-third of the FEMA grants it inspected were improper or unauthorized, a finding that lead him to warn congressional committees about … Continue reading

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Should FEMA Be a Stand Alone Agency?

A discussion of the question that has been asked since 2003 when FEMA was included in the Dept. of Homeland Security. From the National Interest: Should FEMA Be a Stand Alone Agency?

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Questionable Contract for PR Power Grid Restoration- updated on 10/29

As a follow up to an earlier posting about grants and contracts at FEMA see this one: Whitefish’s No-Bid Puerto Rico Contract Spotlights Troubled FEMA Grants. The federal agency paying for a controversial no-bid, $300 million contract to rebuild Puerto … Continue reading

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FEMA Criticized for Slow Action

Ad noted in earlier postings, FEMA is working 22 declarations and in the process of hiring 2,000 workers. Therefore, it is not a surprise that response and recovery in the areas recently struck by major hurricanes are lagging. See: Still … Continue reading

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Questionable FEMA Contracts

From Bloomberg News: FEMA Is Spending Billions, and Some Questionable Companies Are Getting Work. A surge in disaster contracts from hurricanes has put the agency under pressure to bypass the usual competitive bidding process. Two excerpts: This year’s record hurricane … Continue reading

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Federal Funds and FEMA Are Put to the Test

With Harvey And Now Irma, Federal Funds And FEMA Are Put To The Test From NPR, this interesting article with details about how FEMA operates and its spending capacity.

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