State of Texas Cannot Do Hurricane Recovery Either

Flag of Texas

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I have blogged about recovery problems in LA after Hurricane Katrina several times. Now it is time to take a look at the mess in the state of TX. As reported in the NYTimes on march 8, Amid Finger Pointing, Hurricane Relief Lags. Governor Rick Perry does not win any praise for his role.  As noted in the article:

Nearly four years after Hurricanes Ike and Dolly wreaked havoc on the Texas coast, thousands of Texans are still waiting for housing assistance. The long-term disaster recovery effort financed by the federal government has made little headway. But where two state agencies faltered, another is stepping in.

According to a state report to the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development at the end of June, none of the 4,100 homes that were expected to be rebuilt or reconstructed with federal money were completed. And by October, the state had spent only 10 percent of the federal money for long-term recovery.

I am glad to see HUD taking a more prominent role in recovery and telling it like it is.

Thanks to Bill Cumming to pointing me to this article.


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