Case Study of Recovery – Greensburg, KS

It is not often we see a useful, succinct case study of the recovery process, but Prof. Jack Rozdilsky has provided  one in his invited comment titled “City as Sandbox for Green Building,”  which is about Greensburg, KS. His article is in the current issue of the Hazards Observer, issued by the Univ. of Colorado’s Hazards Center, pages 7-10. I recommend the whole issue for those of you not familiar with the HO. [Subscriptions are free.]

Of particular interest to me is how replicatable their recovery process is. For the past 5 years, Greensburg has been cited as a model of recovery. But as Jack points out:

Because of the special circumstances Greensburg has faced the recovery lessons there may be of limited usefulness to other communities. * * *

If only there were more of these case studies, a compilation of them might be possible.  I keep hoping for a documented knowledge base of case examples of recovery.


See also Managing for Long-Term Community Recovery in the Aftermath of a Disaster, by Alesch at al. Available in the

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