Case Study of Recovery – Greensburg, KS

It is not often we see a useful, succinct case study of the recovery process, but Prof. Jack Rozdilsky has provided¬† one in his invited comment titled “City as Sandbox for Green Building,”¬† which is about Greensburg, KS. His article is in the current issue of the Hazards Observer, issued by the Univ. of Colorado’s Hazards Center, pages 7-10. I recommend the whole issue for those of you not familiar with the HO. [Subscriptions are free.]

Of particular interest to me is how replicatable their recovery process is. For the past 5 years, Greensburg has been cited as a model of recovery. But as Jack points out:

Because of the special circumstances Greensburg has faced the recovery lessons there may be of limited usefulness to other communities. * * *

If only there were more of these case studies, a compilation of them might be possible.  I keep hoping for a documented knowledge base of case examples of recovery.


See also Managing for Long-Term Community Recovery in the Aftermath of a Disaster, by Alesch at al. Available in the