Hurricane Sandy- October 28

As a resident of the metro Washington, DC area, the Diva is in the direct path of this unusual and scary hurricane. If we lose power, I will not be able to post new material in the next few days.

On October 27, Reuters reported on some of the rare factors that make H. Sandy so unusual and probably historic.

Social media usage is getting underway. See Kim Stephen’s latest posting in her iDisaster blog. And I have just downloaded two new apps for my smartphone – the Red Cross Hurricane app and the FEMA app.  I have not yet had the chance to check out all of their features, but a quick look shows some good advice, including some items that do not readily come to mind that are worth noting

Politics: This is always a factor, but one week prior to a national election, politics is a big factor.  Here are a few articles:  (1) the politics of emergency management, as noted on October 28 in the LA Times: (2)  NY Magazine., and Fox News, all on October 28.

From those of us who take the long view, and think about the historic significance of these large-to-catastrophic disaster events, it looks like H. Sandy will be included in any future  editions of Emergency Management; The American Experience.

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