“Hurricane Sandy and the Inequities of Resilience in NY”

From The American Prospect: Hurricane Sandy and the Inequalities of Resilience in NY. An excerpt: ” *** the post-Sandy experiences of one section of NY provided important clues about how low-income residents and people of color fare after natural disasters.”

Note: In case you have as much trouble as I did downloading the file, let me know. I now have a saved copy.


Reflections on Superstorm Sandy – 5 years later

(1) From the Claims Journal: Officials Reflect on Superstorm Sandy 5 Years Later

(2) From the Guardian: Hurricane Sandy, five years later: ‘No one was ready for what happened after’. Survivors of the 2012 storm remain haunted. As hurricanes continue to batter the US, many say plans to mitigate climate change have not gone far enough: ‘People need to open their eyes’

(3) From the New Yorker: The Fifth Anniversary of H. Sandy.

(4) From CNN.

(5) From the New York Times.


New Disaster Reform Legislation Pending & Recovery Report re H. Sandy

For those who are interested in the ongoing recovery from H. Sandy, here are three new reports worth reviewing. Once again the Diva would like readers to dig into the two reports mentioned here and do an analysis or review, because she does not have the time presently to read and critique them.

Of special interest to me is the fact that these documents come from a Congressional Committee. It is the first analysis of post-Sandy recovery that I have seen from a congressional office. Also, it is the first time I have seen mention of  FEMA’s National Advisory Council  See: Pending Disaster Reform Legislation and a Recovery Report re H. Sandy

In the second report, there is mention of a major (140 pp.) report from the Army Corps of Engineers in Jan. of this year. A website that provides a full text copy, as well as graphics and an executive summary, go this this cite: North Atlantic Coast Comprehensive Study.