Mitigation Measures for Buildings

The “new normal” in New York City includes consideration of mitigation measures for new construction and retrofitting existing ones, when possible. See The Generator Is the Machine of the Moment, NYTimes, Jan. 12. Some excerpts:

Now, more than two months after the storm caused millions of dollars in damage, novel and costly waterproofing techniques are being employed, including the addition of backup generators and floodgates, and the relocation of mechanical equipment. The  owners of buildings that predate the flooding are also looking at these measures, although retroactive installation is so complex and costly that some may decide not to do anything.

“This is the new normal,” said Adam Gordon, the president of Adam Gordon Holdings, which is building a condominium at 560 West 24th Street in Chelsea. “With two hurricanes in two years, this is the new base level for the way people should think about building in New York.”

Thanks to Bill Cumming for calling this article to my attention.

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