NY State Report on H. Sandy Recovery

From the Homeland Security Digital Library, Superstorm Sandy: Preliminary Response & Recovery Report. This report is from a bipartisan legislative task force. It is in addition to the 3 executive commissions set up by Governor Cuomo. Note that a short summary of the recommendations from those 3 reports is included in this report.

The direct URL for the full text, 32 page version of the report: NY State Bipartisan Task Force on Hurricane Sandy (Feb. 2012)

2 thoughts on “NY State Report on H. Sandy Recovery

  1. Good points, Tom. Your comments show how hard it is to get a full and accurate picture of what is going on after a disaster event with such an extensive impact area and with some many organizational actors.

  2. Claire,
    Thanks for the report. I’ve reviewed it. I had dinner tonight with Tom Fargione, FEMA Region 2 and Ops Chief for Sandy in New York. It was interesting to hear all that FEMA has accomplished from a very reliable and trustworthy source, and then to read a report wherein none of the “roundtables” reported having any representation from FEMA.
    Tom and I go back a long way, and it pleases me to see such a competent person working to respond and restore following Sandy. The report seems to be a listening post for special interest groups and local governments who were even less prepared for such a storm than state or federal organizations. We need to build a system that starts at the local level.

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