Book Review

In its latest set of uploads, the Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management just published a review of the recent book Emergency Management, the American Experience, 1900-2010 (2nd edition).

The Diva is the editor of the book so she has a vested interest, but she and the reviewer recommend this as a basic book for those new to the emergency management field. The opening sentence of the review says:

In Emergency Management; The American Experience, Claire Rubin brings together a team of highly esteemed scholars and practitioners to examine the history of emergency management in the U.S., while addressing several important questions regarding the growth and appropriate role of the federal government in respond to disaster events.


The book can be ordered from Disaster Bookstore, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble.

By the way, the Diva has a great slide set and talk prepared about the contents of the book. If you are looking for a conference speaker or guest lecturer, contact her.

4 thoughts on “Book Review

  1. I required my graduate students to read the earlier edition BEFORE the start of the semester. It is that important for understanding emergency management. The editor and the contributing historians and scholars are significant writers in the emergency management field.

  2. Thanks very much.

    Eventually, there should be a new edition, which will include H. Sandy. But that is probably is at a year off, since the recovery stage will be essential to the account.

  3. Congrats to the Diva. That book should be a basic reference or even the text book for any Emergency Management 101 course.

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