New Strategic Foresight Initiatives Report from FEMA

The latest report from the Strategic Foresight Initiatives program at FEMA is titled Toward More Resilient Futures: Putting Foresight into Practice.  It was issued May 2013; 46 pp.

I read it over quickly, and I liked some of it and did not like other parts.  The part I liked least was Section 3, Bold Leaders in Action, which I did not find inspiring. I was expecting a discussion of resilience and some mention of the recent report of the National Academy of Sciences titled Disaster Resilience; A National Imperative, because DHS was one of the funding sources. Oh, well.

For more information about the activities and reports of FEMA’s Strategic Foresight Initiative go to this website.

2 thoughts on “New Strategic Foresight Initiatives Report from FEMA

  1. Claire:-

    Even though my organization, CARRI, was one of those singled out in Section 3, I have to agree there wasn’t anything to get anyone really excited (although it’s always nice to be noticed). However, I’m afraid I have the same reaction to the NAS study. There’s nothing really earth-shattering there, nor even really groundbreaking. What is there is a very well-crafted attempt to bind together many pieces that have been out there into a coherent whole. But, hey, after the sputtering balloon of “Hope and Change,” I appreciate nice craftsmanship.

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