Hurricane Season Is Here – who is at risk? CBS news an article title Hurricane Season Starts, FL and NY most at risk.  Some excerpts:

Batten down the hatches: In the wake of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s prediction that 2013 will be an “active or extremely active” hurricane season, a new report finds that more than 4.2 million American homes are at risk of storm-surge damage – with Florida and New York leading the pack. That includes about 1 million U.S. homes in “high risk” areas.

The report, from CoreLogic, looked at the risk to single-family homes from storm surges – water being pushed onto land, usually due to the impact of a major storm. NOAA predicts that there is a 70 percent chance there will be 13-20 “named storms” in the Atlantic in the 2013 season, which officially kicks off Saturday.

That includes seven to 11 storms that could become hurricanes and three to six that could become major hurricanes, with winds of 111 miles per hour or higher. The prediction meets or exceeds the seasonal average of 12 named storms and three major hurricanes per year.

Florida homeowners face the greatest risk from a storm surge. Nearly 1.5 million homes in the state are at risk for damage from a surge, including more than 618,000 that are at extreme or very high risk. Louisiana has the second most at-risk homes, with 411,000, followed by Texas (369,000), New Jersey (351,000) and Virginia (329,000). Figures are rounded to the nearest thousand.


Update on June 3:  FEMA Director Craig Fugate gave this advice to residents of FL:

Craig Fugate has one overriding message for all Florida residents, now that the 2013 Atlantic hurricane season is underway: “The price of living in paradise is to get prepared and quit using excuses.”

“Complacency is just a dumb excuse people use to say I’m not worried, I’m not going to get ready,” the chief of the Federal Emergency Management Agency said.

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