Problems Resulting from Out-of-Date Flood Maps

Thanks to two readers of this blog for pointing me to this article in ProPublica: Using Outdated Data, FEMA Is Wrongly Placing Homeowners in Flood Zones

Lately a number of articles about various aspects of the recovery from Superstorm Sandy are showing up in the traditional media.  I would love to see someone from the NY or NJ area pick up on this topic and perhaps track the recovery from Sandy more closely than I can. Once again, I urge a spin off of this blog by those closer to the action.

Here is one more story on the same topic.  Wrong maps have caused a great deal of hardship.

Update on July 20.  Here is an article that explains why the FEMA maps are not current and why not areas of the U.S. can be mapped with the current appropriation available for that job.

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