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Infographic on High Cost of Repeatedly -Flooded Properties

From Pew Trust, this infographic re  high cost of flooded properties. Thanks to Chris Jones for the link.

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Effects of Disasters on Children

From the UK, this report on Children, Young People and Flood Recovery and Resilience. The same group did a study after 2007 floods in Hull, UK. See the Final Report. Thanks to Chris Jones for the citation.

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Case Study on Reducing Flood Losses

Reducing Losses through Higher Regulatory Standards; 2013 Colorado Floods Case Study. FEMA-DR-4145-CO ;145 pp, March 2016. Thanks to Ed Thomas of  the Natural Hazard Mitigation Association for the citation.

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Flooding Expected in NYC Due to Climate Change

This is not the first, but just the latest on this topic. See: Flooding in NYC Due to Climate Change.  Even locals who believe climate change is real have a hard time grasping that their city will almost certainly be … Continue reading

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Graphic of East Coast Flooding During Normal Times

A Sharp Increase In ‘Sunny Day’ Flooding. Global warming and rising seas are increasing the amount of tidal flooding on the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts. Flood levels are different from city to city, but the trends are similar

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Flooding in LA is Setting Records

Recent news clips have indicated that roughly half of the counties in Louisiana are included in the Presidential Disaster Declaration for the severe flooding there. Here are some of the first indicators of how serious and unusual those floods are. … Continue reading

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Contemplating Flood Mitigation in MO

Flooding in Missouri Raises Vexing Questions ” *** many people in this part of the Mississippi River basin near St. Louis have come to accept that flooding is a part of life. But the damage this time has been so … Continue reading

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