Some Recovery Planning Guidance – from NY State

This 81 page document is titled Guidance for Community Reconstruction Zone Plans. It provides a lot of detailed planning guidance.

The source is an organization called NY Rising, which is a State-sponsored organization. More details are available at this website.

NOTE: See comment by Dr. Tom Phelan re potential importance of this new approach to recovery.

2 thoughts on “Some Recovery Planning Guidance – from NY State

  1. Thanks for providing the additional information. Seems to be that you point out an issued that should be studied. I hope some young researchers out there will track the change.

  2. The CRZ or Preparation of a Cummunity Reconstruction Zone Plan seems to be New York State’s compliance with the National Disaster Recovery Framework. It explains why the governor and HUD recently offered up to $31k for individual assistance when the summer flooding did not provide individual assistance as part of a Presidential declaration (just for public assistance). This appears to be a shift from federal funding to state funding for disaster relief and recovery. The stipulations the NYS governor put on funding is a bit restrictive. A recipient of individual assistance must remain in the affected residence for three years following receipt of funds, purchase flood insurance (regardless of cost), among other stipulations. Are we seeing a return to local control and pressure on home and business owners to be more careful when selecting a location for building?

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