World’s Most Vulnerable Cities – from Swiss Re

From a article in USAToday, using data from the insurance co. Swiss Re; fortunately, only one of these is in the U.S. No others are in North America.

World’s most vulnerable cities, with population:

  • Tokyo-Yokohama, Japan (57.1 million)
  • Manila, Philippines (34.6 million)
  • Pearl-River Delta, China (34.5 million)
  • Osaka-Kobe, Japan (32.1 million)
  • Jakarta, Indonesia (27.7 million)
  • Nagoya, Japan (22.9 million)
  • Kolkata, India (17.9 million)
  • Shanghai, China (16.7 million)
  • Los Angeles (16.4 million)
  • Tehran, Iran (15.6 million)

There also is a 36 page report that provides more details, available at this site.  There are smaller reports for various continents available also.

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