Challenges to Supply Chain Performance in a Crisis

The full title of this recent article is Building Resilience in Community Recovery; Overcoming Supply Chain Performance Challenges in a Crisis; it is located here:  TRN_287 The author is Charlotte Franklin, a Deputy Coordinator in the Arlington County, VA Office of Emergency Management. It is reprinted here from TR News 287, July/August 2013 with permission. Thanks to the author for calling this article to my attention.

This is one article from the special issue of TR News July-August 2013 that is titled Logistics of Disaster Response. Some additional information:

This issue of the TR News focuses on logistics of disaster response and business continuity by examining supply chain performance challenges in a crisis, the role of the private sector in maintaining supply chains for relief efforts, recent lessons learned for postdisaster relief logistics, and a state department of transportation’s emergency management program—plus reports on the effect of gasoline shortages after a disaster, the role of ferries in rescue efforts, applications of social media in disaster preparation and in response and recovery, contingency planning for airport irregular operations, and more.

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