New “Risky Business” Endeavor

In the NYTimes this morning, I read this op ed piece: We need climate-change risk assessment; Americans need to know how to assess the risk posed by global warming.

The direct URL for the new non-prifit organization is here:

I have been wondering what Mayor Bloomberg planned to do when he stepped down from his 3rd stint as mayor of NY.  Now we know.

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2 Responses to New “Risky Business” Endeavor

  1. recoverydiva says:

    I was disappointed in the project website in that it is not very informative. I guess this is a project to keep an eye on in a few more months.

    John – you and I often disagree on matters, but you always make thoughtful points.

  2. First, we need to know what the risks are. And no, this is not denialist speak, just one scientist who recognizes that our climate models are not designed to tell me in SC what risks – if any – climate change may pose for me. For we need to recognize that for some locations, climate change may well be beneficial overall; for others, it is likely to have both positive and negative aspects. Climate will certainly change, but it’s the weather that will bite us in the butt – or not. And all weather is local.

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