Credit Ratings and Climate Change

From Pew Trusts: Climate Change Could Make Borrowing Costlier for States and Cities.

Someday soon, analysts will determine that a city or county, or maybe a school district or utility, is so vulnerable to sea level rise, flooding, drought or wildfire that it is an investment risk.

To be sure, no community has yet seen its credit rating downgraded because of climate forecasting. And no one has heard of a government struggling to access capital because of its precarious geographical position.

But as ratings firms begin to focus on climate change, and investors increasingly talk about the issue, those involved in the market say now is the time for communities to make serious investments in climate resilience — or risk

Two 2018 Disaster Summaries

From the HuffPost:  This Year’s Natural Disasters Show Climate Change’s Dire Consequences Are Already Here. In 2018, record-breaking wildfires and historic levels of rain have hit the U.S.

From the NYTimes: The Story of 2018 Was Climate Change. Future generations may ask why we were distracted by lesser matters.  The historic hurricane chart in this article is especially interesting.

Climate Change Causing Disasters

From the WashPost: Climate change was behind 15 weather disasters in 2017.

This year’s report features 17 peer-reviewed analyses of 16 disasters by 120 researchers looking at weather across six continents and two oceans. Each study uses historical records and model simulations to determine how much climate change may have influenced a particular event.

Additional details about the new report issued by the AMA.