Flood Information from Colorado

It is early in the day, but so far I have two items that may be of interest regarding the recent CO floods:

#1 The Colorado state Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency has a new Recovery Focused Website set up. Some details:

The Colorado Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (DHSEM) has launched a recovery focused website for the community and our partners in recovery. The website information is organized using the 14 Recovery Support Functions. The site also contains all media releases related to the flood, briefing notes from the Governor’s weekly call with local officials and presentation materials necessary in the recovery process. The site can be accessed … by clicking on the Flood Recovery tab of www.COEmergency.com. DHSEM will continue to utilize our @COEmergency Twitter account and COEmergency Facebook to share new updates and resources.

#2 See this article and the accompanying video titled: Flood warning system developed after Big Thompson Canyon proves effective. [No longer available.]

In the past 37 years, improvements in flood detection and warnings as well as flood education in the Boulder CO area.

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