Social Impact of Disasters

A Year After Sandy, Research Focuses on the Social Impact of Disasters
Researchers say projects combine different disciplines and seek to improve communication

In this article there is a list of the projects recently funded by the National Science Foundation. The emphasis seems to be on social impacts, communication mechanisms/techniques, and some warning studies. My personal wish is that there were some project addressing public administration and public policy aspects — where are the social scientists in these fields and why are they not applying for grant funds from NSF?

2 thoughts on “Social Impact of Disasters

  1. Claire,
    This article could have included the project by Yu Xiao, Divya Chandrasekhar, and Donovan Finn, looking at household recovery trajectories. The US has lots of recovery housing policies and programs, but very little data about what actually happens to households over time in the months and years after a disaster.

    Laurie and I did not go after an NSF grant for Sandy, but we are still working on governance questions via our Wenchuan earthquake NSF grant, a book for the Lincoln Institute, some minor involvement with Sandy, and Laurie’s current work for the Christchurch mayor and city council.

    While I agree with your concerns, I don’t know that the US News article necessarily covered the whole field.
    -Rob Olshansky

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