Are You Prepared for Hell and High Water?

From the HS Newswire: Scientists: we should prepare for hell and high water. There are some interesting recommendations in the article about what research topics should be pursued. From the lead paragraph:

An international team of climate and social scientists say a new approach to climate preparedness is essential to help people adjust to coming changes. As climate-driven changes get more pronounced, people everywhere will have to adjust. In this week’s issue of the journal Science, an international group of researchers urge the development of science needed to manage climate risks and capitalize on unexpected opportunities.

Some additional details about their recommendations:

The need to adapt and adjust is going to be global,” said Moss. “We need a flexible, integrated approach that merges theoretical and problem-oriented sciences around four general challenges.” The four challenges are:

  • Understanding what information is needed to make decisions about adapting to climate change

  • Identifying vulnerabilities in society, the economy and the environment

  • Improving forecasts and climate models in ways that can address specific problems

  • Providing technology, management, and policy options for adapting

As an example of how practical and basic research can work together, Moss described work in the United States involving water utilities, university scientists, and private firms to pilot use of climate models and water utility modeling to design resilient water systems.

1 thought on “Are You Prepared for Hell and High Water?

  1. Climate models are worthless for forecasting; better weather modeling much more important. Climate models haven’t shown the ability to predict even climate accurately; we HAVE seen a return on our investments in improving forecasts. Ergo, put our money where it is likely to do the most good! After all, what these academics are really doing is special pleading for the public’s money…

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