Global Warming and Civil Strife

From the AP, this article about a new UN report: UN Report: Global Warming Worsens Security Woes

In an authoritative report due out Monday a United Nations climate panel for the first time is connecting hotter global temperatures to hotter global tempers. Top scientists are saying that climate change will complicate and worsen existing global security problems, such as civil wars, strife between nations and refugees.

They’re not saying it will cause violence, but will be an added factor making things even more dangerous. Fights over resources, like water and energy, hunger and extreme weather will all go into the mix to destabilize the world a bit more, says the report by the Nobel Peace Prize-winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

The main UN site for press info and the full report on Monday the 31st is here.  Regarding the scientific base of the report, note this quote:

The report is based on more than 12,000 peer reviewed scientific studies. Michel Jarraud, secretary general of the World Meteorological Organization, a co-sponsor of the climate panel, said this report was “the most solid evidence you can get in any scientific discipline.”

Article from the Wash. Post on March 31; U.N. climate panel: Governments, businesses need to take action now against growing risks

Global warming is hurting the poor and may lead to more civil wars and amplified economic shocks as its effects grow more severe, a U.N. group says.

1 thought on “Global Warming and Civil Strife

  1. The really interesting thing about this is that the report by the Working Group doesn’t support the rhetoric of the press release. In fact, the report represents a major step back from AR4’s more confident assertions. The journalists ought to know by now that the UN Secretariat of the IPCC spins things to fit their agenda no matter what the actual technical report says.

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