Marion McFadden – unknown recovery star

This is the second story recently in the Washington Post about a woman official at HUD who had lead responsibility for recovery at the Dept. of HUD.  See: Marion McFadden nominated for award in rebuilding after Hurricane Sandy

I find it unusual that she has been featured twice in the Post, because federal officials engaged in recovery rarely get such favorable national publicity. Furthermore, she is not well known in the disaster community.

I am hard pressed to name the “stars” in the recovery field. Can you name someone prominent nationally in the realm of disaster recovery?

Update: So far I have only heard from one person who knows her and  commented very favorably on her competence.


2 thoughts on “Marion McFadden – unknown recovery star

  1. My guess is its in part due to Secretary Donovan is leaving his post and a desire to recognize consistent leadership when Henk Ovink is also only on loan.

    It’s hard work and good to see acknowledgements for it. She sounds solid. I hope she does well. Positive news is hard to come by.

    Thanks as always for your thoughtful sharing!

    Rachel Minnery, AIA


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