Questions re H. Sandy Task Force Report and Outcomes

What ever happened to the many recommendations make in the H. Sandy Task Force Report?  It has been slightly more than one year since the issuance of the Task Force’s report. At that time the Diva was optimistic about the high-level federal interest in recovery (since the initiative for the Task Force was an Executive Order) and the requirement of some follow through on the recommendations to improve recovery in the future.

The report contained 69 recommendations; however, finding out which ones have been acted upon and what the implementation has been is impossible to determine. HUD’s website for H. Sandy Task Force Report and actions is dated – their last report was in the spring.

By way of background, see the article I wrote for Emergency Management Magazine (Nov./Dec. 2013 issue)titled: Hurricane Sandy Task Force Issues Recommendations for Long-Term Recovery. Too see the many other articles on the Sandy recovery process in this blog over the past two years  just use the search function on in the lower right column on the homepage of the blog.

Update on Sept. 9: HUD staff told me that a fall report on progress is in the works.

2 thoughts on “Questions re H. Sandy Task Force Report and Outcomes

  1. Hi Claire,

    You can find the “Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Strategy: Progress Update – Spring 2014” from the following link: It provides an update on progress towards achieving the Strategy’s goals but doesn’t explicitly link back to the 69 recommendations from the report. It’s also a few months “stale” at this point, but it seems to be the only thing out there.

    • Seems to me that given the major publicity and funding devoted to the new initiative, the sponsors/funders would make some effort to assess and/or evaluate the effort. Oh well ……

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