NY State Passes Community Risk and Resiliency Act


Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today signed into law the Community Risk and Resiliency Act to strengthen New York State’s preparedness for the effects of climate change and help protect communities against severe weather and sea level rise. The Community Risk and Resiliency Act advances a number of important recommendations of the NYS 2100 Commission, which the Governor convened after Superstorm Sandy to develop more resilient infrastructure systems across the state.

Thanks to Franklin McDonald for the citation.

For full text of the law, go to this site.  For a summary from of the Community Risk and Resiliency Act (CRRA) Provisions, see the NY Department of Environmental Conservation website.

I do not know how significant this legislation is likely to be. Nor do I know if any other states have similar laws.  Be glad to hear from readers on these matters.

1 thought on “NY State Passes Community Risk and Resiliency Act

  1. This bill had passed the Democratic dominated New York Assembly more than once, but had historically languished in the Republican controlled Senate in the face of opposition from the Business Council and the Farm Bureau. In the closing days of this session, the bill was picked up by Senator Diane Savino, a Staten Island Democrat whose district got hammered by Sandy. Savino is part of a bi-partisan coalition of Republicans and a caucus of Independent Democrats which control the Senate. I haven’t looked, but my guess is it passed mostly with Democratic votes

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