More Details on Pending Changes to FEMA’s Enabling Legislation

See this account of the pending changes to the Stafford Act, the enabling legislation for FEMA.  The author is an attorney with FEMA.

I am puzzled as to why the National Advisory Council to FEMA was chosen to do the essential analyses.  I think that either the National Academy of Sciences or the National Academy of Public Administration would have been better choices.

New Disaster Reform Legislation Pending & Recovery Report re H. Sandy

For those who are interested in the ongoing recovery from H. Sandy, here are three new reports worth reviewing. Once again the Diva would like readers to dig into the two reports mentioned here and do an analysis or review, because she does not have the time presently to read and critique them.

Of special interest to me is the fact that these documents come from a Congressional Committee. It is the first analysis of post-Sandy recovery that I have seen from a congressional office. Also, it is the first time I have seen mention of  FEMA’s National Advisory Council  See: Pending Disaster Reform Legislation and a Recovery Report re H. Sandy

In the second report, there is mention of a major (140 pp.) report from the Army Corps of Engineers in Jan. of this year. A website that provides a full text copy, as well as graphics and an executive summary, go this this cite: North Atlantic Coast Comprehensive Study. 

NY State Passes Community Risk and Resiliency Act


Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today signed into law the Community Risk and Resiliency Act to strengthen New York State’s preparedness for the effects of climate change and help protect communities against severe weather and sea level rise. The Community Risk and Resiliency Act advances a number of important recommendations of the NYS 2100 Commission, which the Governor convened after Superstorm Sandy to develop more resilient infrastructure systems across the state.

Thanks to Franklin McDonald for the citation.

For full text of the law, go to this site.  I do not know how significant this legislation is likely to be. Nor do I know if any other states have similar laws.  Be glad to hear from readers on these matters.

What Should Enabling Legislation for Federal Efforts in Disaster Look Like?

See the interesting post on HLSWatch today that is titled The 21st Century Stafford Act.  The comments are thoughtful also.

Some years ago, while working on the Disaster Time Line charts, it occurred to me that if the U.S. were to create its federal emergency management system today, it would not (and should not) look like the system that has evolved in recent decades.